ANNOUNCEMENT: 2017 has been an ambitious year for Data Vortex. As you can see in the below linked HPCwire article, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory recently hosted the inaugural Data Vortex Users Group. In building out our road map, we have patented new Data Vortex network designs which move us from Altera Stratix V to Altera Stratix 10 and onward to full custom. We look forward to providing Data Vortex technology to partners and customers with communication bottlenecks who are interested in problems that require massive data movement, short packet movement, or non-deterministic data movement.
We are scheduling briefings now for SC17. We look forward to hearing the latest updates from the community and sharing ours. Since we are continuing to only target focused relationships, we will once again not have a booth on the floor. If you would like to schedule a meeting, please contact

Data Vortex is the network solution for hpc, big data graph analytics,

hyperscale, and neuromorphic computing.