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Tackling Big Data Graph Analytics and Big Science

Data Vortex® designs and produces revolutionary, congestion-free switch technologies and software to enable large scale, fine grained, advanced parallel computers to tackle today’s challenges in graph analytics and solve the hardest problems in science and industry.

The Data Vortex® network, using light-weight messaging, enables fine-grained parallel processing and low latency data transfer, both needed to efficiently analyze vast quantities of unstructured data and unstructured searches.

Data Vortex performance on hard HPC (FFT and Sparse Matrix Vector Multiply) and big data (Breadth First Search) applications demonstrates linear scalability as a function of the number of compute nodes. For specific details and inquiries, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page.

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Revolutionary Design

 The patent-protected network switch enables efficient communication among multiple processors.

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Data Vortex Products

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Industry & Science

Solutions to the most challenging problems are achieved with superior Data Vortex technology.


Programming the Data Vortex

Data Vortex software enables greater performance with simple, natural programming models.






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