Re-imagine how data flows between computational elements of a supercomputer…

…not by arranging the transfer of  a large data packet from a source processor to a destination processor but rather by the simultaneous transfer of shorter packets from multiple sources to multiple destinations.

For many applications, data communications are a more significant bottleneck than processor speeds. Nevertheless, the majority of the market is chasing multi-core processor and many-core accelerator technologies fueled by the TOP500 list and the race to Exascale.

Accelerators like GPUs or many-core co-processors are good for HPC. They enable a lot of computing through a lot of FLOPS. We believe you should examine your algorithms and decide which ones can be optimized with co-processors and which simply need better communication, not more cores.  We provide a low-latency, congestion-free network for the Hard Problems.


The Data Vortex® Switch is a key component of the Data Vortex Network System.

congestion-free       high bandwidth       low latency

self-routing       fine grained       scalable

  • Patent protected breakthrough interconnection structure enabling a new level of processor-to-processor communication performance resulting in a new level of overall system performance for systems consisting of custom Data Vortex parts connecting commodity servers
  • Network components designed using conservative rules that will result in system reliability
  • Integrated fault tolerance (achieved through redundant components) and error correction for high-reliability required by very large systems (up to 65,436 sockets) working on a single problem for a large period of time
  • Small footprint, low power supercomputers enabled by Data Vortex products