Data Vortex is designed for data movement

The Data Vortex architecture enables solving Hard Problems by providing tremendous scalability, thus enabling effective utilization of the processors: it enables real performance.

The Data Vortex Switch and Data Vortex VICs are integrated into the Data Vortex enabled systems which are configured to provide the optimal balanced mapping of VICs to processors, memory per processor, etc.

The Data Vortex Switch

  • congestion-free routing of massive numbers of concurrent, small messages
  • high radix
  • unique internet protocol via FPGAs
  • sustains high bandwidth
  • low latencies
  • flat performance profile across the system

The Data Vortex VICs

  • rapid, efficient injection/reception of messages to/from the network
  • simultaneously sends and receives 550M messages per second
  • FPGAs
  • SRAM

Working together, these Data Vortex products provide an elegant and unique solution to a harsh reality: that parallel computing applications require data communications between processors, but that real problems often have communications that overwhelm (other) networks and thus bottleneck the processors.

Data Vortex Systems are commercially available now.

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Introducing the DV206 System

The DV206 is an advanced computing system with an integrated interconnect and software technology that actually embraces processor-to-processor communication. Each system contains the revolutionary, patent-protected Data Vortex interconnect technologies: the Data Vortex Switch Boxes and the Vortex Interface Controllers (VICs). The system is also equipped with traditional ethernet and Infiniband networks to provide high bandwidth and easy porting of software and external data.



DV206 System Specs:

DV206 Software:

The DV206 comes with the source code for the FFT and Sparse Matrix Multiply benchmarks, for some demonstration programs such as Hello World, test_barrier_sync, and test_dma, as well as, an API (Application Programmer Interface) which allows access to the DV Vortex Interface Controllers (VICs) and the Data Vortex Switches which transfer data across the system. For more information on the API or software training, contact us.



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