Intellectual Property

Data Vortex Technologies (Interactic Holdings, LLC) is a heavily patented and protected, revolutionary advanced computing technology company that changes the way industry, researchers, and scientists solve the hard problems. Dr. Coke Reed, Data Vortex Technologies Chairman and Inventor, maintains a strong patent portfolio supporting the Data Vortex Network with over 30 patents in place. New patents on active messaging, graph searches, and neuromorphic computing are presently being written and filed. Dr. Reed and his team are dedicated to changing the world through these breakthrough technologies.


“I have represented Interactic as a patent attorney for over a decade and am fully familiar with Interactic’s patent portfolio.  Interactic has invested substantial resources in developing its patent portfolio over the years  by consistently identifying and patenting all important aspects of its breakthrough technology in supercomputer architecture.  I do not use the term “breakthrough technology” lightly, having been an engineer and patent attorney at Bell Labs with a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering and 35 years of experience in this field.

Interactic’s technology is constantly being reviewed and improved by the Interactic engineering staff, with each new development scrutinized for possible patent protection. Each promising development is initially filed as a provisional patent application to secure an early filing date.  If the new development is deemed worthy Interactic proceeds with the filing of a formal non-provisional patent application in the United States and all relevant foreign jurisdictions.   Interactic’s goal is to achieve the broadest patent protection possible on a worldwide basis and Interactic has consistently achieved that goal during my professional relationship with the company.” – Keith Nowak (Carter, Ledyard & Milburn, LLP)