Meet the Team

Our team comprises individuals with decades of experience in the US intelligence community, technology start-ups and Fortune500 companies.

Executive Team
- Carolyn Coke Reed Devany, CEO 
- Keith Lackey, CFO/COO
- Kim Bates, Chief Strategy Officer


Data Vortex Office of the CTO
- Ron Denny, Distinguished Engineer
- Mike Ives, Principal Design Eningeer, Plexus
- John Lockman, HPC Systems Manager and AI Specialist
- Jay Rockstroh, Fellow, and Terry Donnelly, Fellow

Data Vortex Directors
- Reed Devany, Director of Communications
- Santiago Betelu, PhD, Director of Research Science
- Jerry Cawley, Director of Development
- Dave Thersleff, Director of Customer Support

Additional Data Vortex Staff
- Pat Huber, Investor Relations
- James Steidl, Creative Director
- Jesse Bates, Intern

Management Committee
- Coke S. Reed, PhD, Founder, Inventor, & Chairman
- David Murphy, Member
- Dave Cook, Member
- Carolyn Coke Reed Devany, Member