Data Vortex Moves into the house of Dr. R.L. Moore


On January 1st, 2013, the Data Vortex team moved their corporate headquarters into the historic Austin, Texas home of mathematician Robert Lee Moore. Dr. Moore taught at The University of Texas at Austin and developed a system of Inquiry-Based Learning (IBL) alongside Dr. H.S. Wall.  As a student of both,  Dr. Coke S. Reed received his Ph.D. in mathematics under the supervision of Dr. Wall in 1966. The math and theory behind the Data Vortex was developed using IBL.

The house is owned by Interactic investor and Moore/Wall student, Mr. Harry Lucas, Jr., who continues the Moore legacy as chairman of the Educational Advancement Foundation (EAF). Mr. Lucas thoroughly believes that leasing this office to Dr. Reed and the Data Vortex team  preserves the tradition of IBL application. The picture below shows Mr. Lucas handing over the keys to the house to Dr. Reed.

The offices at the Moore House have since hosted numerous seminars, meetings, and events relating to the company’s effort and that of continued learning. Located downstairs are the executive offices and conference rooms in addition to a small collection of Dr. Moore’s effects, including an antique Victrola and type writer.  An exhibit in the Executive Conference Room features images of The University of Texas at Austin by acclaimed Texas artist, Janet Campbell. The main hall is home to the Gallery at R.L.M. House, a collection of exhibits detailing the history of the Data Vortex and inquiry based learning.  The newer, upstairs offices house the financial, software, engineering, and operations teams. Given that the Data Vortex engages team members from across the United States, it has been nice to have a central location wherein collaborative efforts can take place.