Recent Research Projects Running on Data Vortex-enabled Validation Systems

Ideal Quantum Computer Simulation

The modeling of quantum computers presents unique challenges due to the massive memory, bandwidth and CPU utilization required. Here we illustrate the use of Data Vortex to simulate Grover's algorithm at the gate level of description. Then we explore the sensitivity of the circuits to random phase noise and investigate the scaling laws that govern its behavior. (click image for details)

Few-body physics with many processors (Ulm University - Germany)

Quantum-mechanical few-body systems feature many fundamental and intriguing phenomena, for example the well-known Efimov effect. In our project we study a new class of universal three-body bound states induced by resonant two-body forces. We use the computational power provided by DataVortex Technology to solve the multidimensional stationary Schrödinger equation. (click image for details)

Spectral Computation of Incompressible Fluid Flow

The spectral method is one of the most accurate available to solve Incompressible Fluid Flows with high Reynolds numbers in periodic domains. Since it is based on Fast Fourier Transforms it is also very communication-expensive, thus Data Vortex is a good choice for this kind of problem. (click image for details)

Direct Solution of High Dimensional Schrodinger's Equation

Quantum mechanical problems involve the solution of high dimensional partial differential equations. As dimensions increase, the communication cost increases together with the computation cost. Here we show how we solve the initial value problem in 6 and higher dimensions for the Schrodinger equation. (click image for details)

Data Vortex Profiler

The Data Vortex profiler is a graphical interactive tool for the optimization of parallel Data Vortex code. It can dissect a run and display information for each of the API calls with the click of a mouse. (click image for details)

Simulation of Biological Neural Networks

The simulation of brain activity is computationally costly and the communication patterns are irregular and massive. Here we explain how we use DV to integrate the evolution of biological models of hundreds of millions of neurons. (click image for details)

Multi Asset Option Valuation

The computation of the value of multi-asset derivatives requires the numerical solution of high dimensional Black Scholes equations that are communication intensive. Here we explain how Data Vortex can be used to compute exotic European and American options. (click image for details)