Meet Ron Denny, Chief Architect of the Data Vortex

Ron is co-designer of the DV102, DV105, and DV206 systems and an integral part of the Data Vortex team. Ron has authored 13 patents in computer hardware design.
After serving in Vietnam as a young man, Ron returned home to begin his computing career building systems as Chief Engineer at Control Data and General Dynamics where he was responsible for system architecture and technical leadership for eight DoD high performance computer development programs. In 2000, Ron received the President’s Technology Award, and in 2004 was made a General Dynamics Information Systems Division Technology Fellow.
What is your role at Data Vortex Technologies and how long have you been involved?
As Chief Engineer since 2008, I provide leadership to the engineering team and oversee the process from design to manufacturing to delivery of each system.  
What skills and expertise do you bring to the table?
My experience in building large computing systems puts reality into architecture, packaging, and development recommendations. I am so very fortunate to have been challenged by so many interesting problems but none as much as Data Vortex.  
You have made a successful career out of designing and engineering high-level, complex computing systems for the intelligence community and US government. How does the Data Vortex system compare? 
The Data Vortex provides a general solution to the parallel computing interconnect problem. 
Many times, you have said that the Data Vortex Switch is a thing of beauty and will change the world. What makes you passionate about the design of the Data Vortex?
The Data Vortex will enable new milestones across the range of HPC applications. Many of the world’s most challenging and life changing Hard Problems will be solved on Data Vortex systems. 
What is the most interesting opportunity for DV that will enable success in the future?
I think the application of the Data Vortex to Data Analytics will be the most interesting. Businesses, government agencies, and scientists are inundated with so much data these days. The congestion-free properties of our switch network transform this vast amount of information into actionable and confident solutions. 
If you could tell customers only one key thing about DV, what would you say?
Try it! You’ll like it.
What do you like to do in your leisure time?
My wife, Nancy and I travel from Minneapolis to Nebraska to North Carolina to stay connected to our children and 6 grandchildren.


Here’s to changing the world, Ron!