Data Vortex Installs DV203 at Indiana University’s CREST


May 10, 2016

At the Center for Research in Extreme Scale Technologies (CREST), the Data Vortex team installed DIET, a DV203 system. Over the past few months, the team has worked closely with the executive leadership at CREST, including Drs. Thomas Sterling and Martin Swany, the Center’s Executive Associate Directors. Researchers at CREST are looking to test the addition of HPX-5, a runtime system for exploring dynamic adaptive execution for high scalability computation as well as critical support for truly dynamic end-user science and engineering problems, ( onto the Data Vortex.  As we were testing out a new boxing and crating method for delivery, two of our team members, HPC Systems Manager John Lockman and Executive Assistant Hutch Freeland, drove DIET from Austin, Texas to Bloomington, Indiana themselves.