UCHPC 2017: IU Researcher on DV System Wins Best Paper Award

August 29, 2017

Dr. Matt Anderson of Indiana University Bloomington’s Center for Research in Extreme Scale Technologies (CREST) received the Best Paper Award at the 10th Workshop of UnConventional High Performance Computing (UCHPC 2017) in Santiago de Compostela, Spain. He co-authored his paper, “Accelerating the 3-D FFT using a heterogeneous FPGA architecture” with Maciej Brodowicz, Martin Swany and Thomas Sterling. Research on this subject was run on DIET, the DV203 testbed in Bloomington. This work highlights the benefits of the Data Vortex FPGA Cluster and lays the groundwork for running important applications on DV systems in the near future. VASP (Vienna Ab initio Simulation Package) has been fully ported to Data Vortex by Dr. Anderson, who has seen a 30% performance improvement when compared to traditional computing (more optimizations to come).  NAMD (Nanoscale Molecular Dynamics) is currently being ported. Both VASP and NAMD are among the software packages that consume the most compute cycles at leading computing centers.

The accompanying slides to the paper presented in Spain can be found here.


(Photos and slides courtesy of UCHPC & IU)