Dr. Santiago Betelu at the National Inquiry Based Learning Conference

May 31, 2018

Data Vortex Director of Research Science and University of North Texas Adjunct Professor, Dr. Santiago Betelu, shared “Teaching Differential Equations and Numerical Analysis with Parallel Computers” at the National Inquiry Based Learning (IBL) Conference in Austin, Texas. Dr. Betelu uses visualization to teach his students how to see differential equations in the physical world, such as the ripple effect of a rock thrown into a pool of water or smoke coming from a chimney. His classes are multi-disciplinary, serving as an intersection of mathematics, fluid-dynamics, physics, and computer programming. At the IBL conference, Dr. Betelu shared demonstrations of his students’ visualizations and codes. This unique teaching methodology shows one of the many ways that education is evolving with new technologies. Data Vortex is proud to have such an innovative educator and scientist on our team.