Data Vortex Partners Help Bring Our Solutions to the Rest of the World

Plexus Corporation has played a key role in developing, manufacturing and delivering Data Vortex products.  We value their commitment to excellence at all levels of the process from engineering through manufacturing.  Working side by side the Plexus and Data Vortex teams have made our differentiating designs a market ready reality. (

Providentia Worldwide formalized their partnership with Data Vortex in November 2017 (see published announcements in HPCwire, Enterprise Tech, & Inside HPC). This partnership leverages the deep experience in enterprise and hyperscale environments of Providentia Worldwide founders, Ryan Quick and Arno Kolster, and merges the unique performance characteristics of the Data Vortex with non-traditional systems.

Data Vortex is pleased to work with Simultac, LLC. Founded by Dr. Thomas Sterling, Simultac offers a revolutionary, non-Von Neuman architecture that redefines the computing paradigm. Simultac and Data Vortex are working together on a scalable solution to dynamic streaming graphs that meet the high demands of the federal customer and beyond.

Data Vortex Technologies has had a number of engagements with Vizias on an advisory level since 2014. Vizias personnel have helped install and manage Data Vortex® test-bed systems and explore the implementation of the company's revolutionary technology in the space of artificial intelligence.

Data Vortex is pleased to participate in an alliance with General Dynamics Mission Systems, a premier systems integrator.  General Dynamics brings the ability to integrate the Data Vortex® technology into customer spaces in compliance with a wide range of mission requirements, and has delivered validation hardware to the United States government.  Our organizations share a strong development history and visionary approach that bring innovation to our customers and their missions.