Data Vortex’s Hypatia Shines in Graph500 Benchmark

graph500This week the Data Vortex shined in the official publication of the Graph500 benchmark. Directed by a steering committee of over fifty international high performance computing experts from across academia, industry, and the national labs, the Graph 500 serves as a benchmark to best measure big data analytics.  In the most recent list (November 2015), the DV 206 Hypatia, housed in Neenah, Wisconsin, ranked fifty-eighth (, a remarkable achievement given its size. The “Green Graph 500” compliments the primary list with an energy metric for data intensive computing that compares the energy consumption of data intensive computing workloads. On this list, DV’s Hypatia came in at #16 (

The Graph500 Breadth First Search Benchmark is a way to rank computers on how well they are likely to perform on graph algorithms which are important to Data Analytics. Large expensive computers typically far out perform small inexpensive computers. To get a normalized score that levels the playing field, you simply divide GTEPs rating of a computer by the number of CPU cores it has (a measure of physical size). For Graph Sizez 29 to 33 (one half billion vertices to eight billion vertices), the Data Vortex outperforms all other systems in the Graph500 database.[/fusion_text]