Data Vortex Installs 2nd System at PNNL

July 26, 2016

The Data Vortex team delivered Jolt , a DV202, to Pacific Northwest National Laboratory’s Center for Advanced Technology Evaluation (CENATE). Integrated and installed by HPC System Manager, John Lockman, and Outreach Coordinator, Reed Devany, Jolt is the second Data Vortex system at PNNL. CENATE was launched last November to serve as a nexus for evaluating technologies that will be foundational for extreme-scale systems. Led by PNNL’s chief scientist for computing, Adolfy Hoisie, the center is quickly gaining industry recognition and support as a key component in assisting and maturing next generation technologies. In an interview with HPCWire last month, Dr. Hoisie praised the Data Vortex and cited it as “a good example of a promising new technology that is drawing attention” ( 

Designed as a larger-than-normal DV202 system, Jolt was built with additional room for CENATE researchers to install evaluation technologies testing the speed, power, and efficiency of the Data Vortex VICs and swtiches. Dr. Hoisie held a naming competition for the machine among project staff. Following the cola naming scheme for DV systems kick-started by PNNL’s PEPSY, Engineer Matt McDuff submitted the winning name in reference to the highly caffeinated soda that was popular among software engineers in the 1980s and 1990s.