Data Vortex Gives Talk at SCFE 2020

March 25, 2020

Data Vortex Director of Communications Reed Devany presented “The Data Vortex: From Interbellum Polish Mathematics to a Novel Topology” by Reed, Ives, Devany, & Betelu for Connecting Cores at Supercomputing Frontiers Europe (SCFE) 2020. The talk was divided into five categories: the Polish roots and history of the Data Vortex, a description of Data Vortex topology, the nature and performance of legacy Data Vortex validation systems, using the Data Vortex for direct core-to-core communication, and novel applications areas that can address today’s pressing problems.

A full video of the talk can be watched below. The eponymous paper can be found on the Papers & Research Reports section of our website.